Broken-Hearted Soul
I swallowed the shameful truth instead of spitting it out.
(it was bitter) ten word story #70 (via sunkover)

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People are always the most honest when they are angry
10 word story (via sleep-forever-x)
It’s scary how easily you push me away without trying.
(do you realize you do it?) ten word story #72 (via sunkover)

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You knew what you were doing, and I let you
A 10 Word Story (via cliffident)
I’m sorry that I expected more.
six word story, #10 (via taxicabsbusystreetss)
I stopped wanting you after realizing I didn’t need you.
10 word story (via forwastedthoughts)
I don’t want to fade, so I left something immortal.
Rula e. Ten word story about why I write. (via geekyrules)
I imagine the day you say that you love me.


Do you talk to other people like you do me?
-10 Word Story Of My Entire Love Life

It takes meeting someone to realise how lonely you are.
10 Word Story (via thesurrealistic)
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