Sometimes I feel like there is no point to life but then I see your face and suddenly I am dragged from the edge. I make believe that it doesn't hurt but it shows all over my face. You can see the pain within my eyes when you speak to me. Happiness was never my friend; She's a fake ass bitch that comes to play with my emotions then she fucks off. But sadness is my bestfriend. He stays with me when I have no one else and even though at times he is the very thing that's killing me. I will keep holding on because he is ALL I have. I have a confession to make; I do believe in fairytales. Ahh can you blame me? We all do. So this is who I am. Just another girl waiting for 'prince charming' to show up.


me auditioning to model


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tumblr is the website where you find people hotter than you

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